Jan 262013

The Guru for your Subaru at East Valley Auto Rebuild can rebuild/re-manufacture any engine for almost any car or truck and ship it where you want it to go.

Call for details at:253–872–7468 or 206–618–2392 you can also fax us with your specifications and requirements of your project at: 253–872–6580

When quality matters in engine maintenance, re-building, repair, replacement, aftermarket, upgrade, performance enhancement, or any engine-related re-manufacturing or activity, the The Guru for your Subaru will ensure that you know the process and outcome of the product and ⁄ or service on offer.

It is of extreme importance to familiarize yourself with the sourcing, engines re-manufacture process, quality parts percentage and the machining operations involved in any “Subaru” engine repair and or re-manufacturing process. Quality, fit, process, value and guarantee are all good criteria to consider when evaluating any engine rebuild. You will be well-served to consider the nature, scope and implications of the engine re-manufacturing process used to get you your ‘sourced engine.

For anything and everything and some things in-between for re-manufactured engines and repair, maintenance, replacement, upgrade and or performance tinkering kits for engines of all makes, models, years and sizes imaginable. Full engine assemblies, cam and crankshafts, rings, cylinders and heads, (cracks, straightening and repair), precision machining and re-manufacture process excellence, the Guru for your Subaru can help. Cylinder boring and crankshaft grinding, polishing, thrust bearing repairs, rod straightening and machining to the finest of specifications, leading and precision-edge accuracy, with skill and dedication to minute detail and clearances are a given with our quality engine re-manufacturing process. Expect the best from East Valley Auto Rebuild , we are committed to deliver.

From dis-assembly, cleaning, de-burning, shot-blasting, to precision machining on crankshafts, regrinding to exact specification and dimensions. Bearings, rods and thrust surfaces, polished inspected and measured, tapping and sealing, magna–fluxing, pressure-testing for cracks or weak spots or flaws that still need attention. Rocker studs, springs and shims, valve guides and liners to OEM tolerances and dimension specifications. For all rods and connecting engine parts, precision machining is key, individually gauged and torqued, checked against OEM master and for bend and twist. Wear and tear is evaluated, dimensional accuracy thoroughly checked and verified and/or machined to correct clearances and dimensions. Assembly, testing,  presentation, , verifying all key specifications, dimensions and finishes as well as the percentage of new parts (all new) in every engine and overall is tracked and guaranteed. Appropriate, affordable, quality work, and contributing to rekindle, revive,  reuse, recycle. Doing our part to clean up the Seattle WA. automotive environmental act, impact and contribute meaningfully for generations to come.

Following a somewhat holistic qualitative approach to our engine re-manufacturing process, we believe in simply the best in both process and outcome. Re-manufacturing processes come of age and leading the way to adhere ⁄ exceed the highest of OEM  standards.

For any and all quality work on blocks, crankshafts, connecting rods, cylinder heads, camshafts, and all engine assemblies, the Guru’s team strives for state–of–the–art, gold–standard processes with machining and machines, processes of excellence, repute and quality execution, outcome, process and results. Crack–testing, alignment, measurements, cleaning, machining, studs, springs, leaks and taps, vacuum–testing and more all form part of East Valley Auto Rebuild’s comprehensive engine re-manufacturing process. Quality engine components, the Guru for your Subaru will focus on detail as well as the big picture, dollar–impact and overall sensibility, quality–guarantee we provide as part of this process shapes our business activities and deliverable s –products, skills, resources and services.

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