Meet the Staff


Meet our Team

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  2 Responses to “Meet the Staff”

  1. I have been a customer of Mark and Brian’s for over 18 yrs. During this time I have not bought or leased a car other than a Subaru, mainly because when you find a good mechanic, it’s like finding a good Dr. you hold on to them. Mark must have been a teacher in a previous life. He takes the time to explain what is going on with your vehicle and why. The wealth of knowledge he carries in his head continually amazes me. Another thing I like is your car doesn’t disappear behind a curtain, you can not only talk to Mark, but to the mechanic who is actually doing the work. Over the years Mark and Brian have time and again caught the $10 problem before it became the $100.00 problem.

  2. I was referred to East Valley by co-workers. When I first met Mark, the owner His Biker looks set me back. Almost immediately his caring personality came through. He, personally went out to my car and looked and listened to the engine. He asked when I last had a tuneup–I said not since I bought the car. He said it was probably due from how the wires to the spark plugs and how dirty the filter was. When they were done, my baby had more pep than ever. Mark and his guys will be taking care of my baby from now on.