Jan 262013

Subaru Transmission Repair Renton

Let East Valley Auto Rebuild, home of Mark the Guru specializing in Subaru’s, take care of your Subaru!

Let Mark and our highly qualified expert professional technicians provide exceptional service for you. We can do your oil change or your major transmission service and engine replacements, At East Valley Auto Rebuild we are dedicated to maintaining the highest customer service possible and we back that with a written warranty, for both ‘new’ and pre-owned Subaru cars and SUV’s.

Call 253–872–7468 ask for “Mark Bryant the Guru Specializing in Subarus!”

At East Valley Auto Rebuild we demand excellence from our technicians to insure quality work.

We can handle any service you need for any Subaru – in Seattle and the metropolitan area.

Major repair or minor service, our skilled technicians can handle everything.

  • Subaru coolant System(s)
    Is your Subaru running a little hot? Does it overheat going up a hill?  Maybe you need a new water pump, radiator, or maybe it is just a leaky hose. We will  figure out the problem and have your engine running properly.
  • Engine Service(s)
    Most cars leak oil, some faster than others. If you are leaving spots on your garage floor, come see the Independent Guru specializing in Subaru’s for new gaskets, pumps, and seals. Engine feels a little sluggish. Just doesn’t have the “pep” she used to have. Maybe it is a blown or “intake manifold gasket”. Your Subaru could need a valve job, engine replacement, or could be time for engine reseals, we do all of those repairs.
  • We provide complete Power–train Service
    Is your clutch slipping. We will install a new one. Think you have transmission problems. We can figure it out and make it work like new.We are your all wheel drive experts in Seattle.

Keep your Subaru running safe, quiet, and smoothly for you and your families safety.

  • Complete Brake Service
    Do you have a squeaky, bumpy,pulsating feel when you step on the brake peddle. Probably time for brake service. We can install new factory Subaru pads and rotors for less than you would pay at a dealership.
  • Suspension & Running Gear Service
    Older (up to ’94) Legacy LS and GL10’s have pneumatic type struts. We can convert those struts to late model struts which will last a lot longer and give you a much better ride. If your vehicles ride is not like it used to be, we can replace old worn out struts and the ball joints. If you hear your Subaru click and pop when you are turning, you need to replace a worn drive axle. We would be happy to do that for you.
  • Exhaust system(s)
    You will not pass emissions with a hole in your muffler. From the Y-pipe to the tail-pipe we can have it back to like new condition in no time.
  • We use only genuine “Subaru parts”

Give us a call or stop by our shop and lets get your Subaru purring again.














“NOT AN AUTHORIZED Subaru DEALER (which is why we can save you a bushel of money since our overhead is a fraction of what the big dealers are), SALES, PARTS OR REPAIR SHOP.  WORK AND PARTS NOT GUARANTEED BY SUBARU OF AMERICAN OR FUJI HEAVY INDUSTRIES, LTD.”

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